Purple Plush Pillow Review

Purple Plush Pillow Overview

Purple Plush Pillow may not element any of the Smart Grid material that is a sign of other Purple sleeping pillow items, however it doesn’t frustrate. The outside is delicate yet not a weave material, rather produced using a blend that is 60% Lyocell and 40% Nylon with a dampness wicking treatment.

The filling is really feathery and settled on with what Purple decisions “Shrewd Fluff,” or interlocking, denier poly-fiber puff balls. The pillow is basically a strong down elective that, on account of its plan, won’t crash and burn or lose a great deal of air when packed by a hand or head.

The feature of the cushion must be the zippers included on the two sides; this is the manner by which sleepers change the pillow solidness and by and large help level. Two zippers permit sleepers to join for most extreme solidness or do creamer for considerably more accuracy with no wreck.

The pillow is likewise amazingly moderate, particularly contrasted with other Purple pillow, it’s $49 at the maximum, accompanies a 100-night preliminary and 1-year guarantee.

Who Might Like the Purple Plush Pillow?

  • Hot sleepers
  • The individuals who need a flexible pillow alternative
  • Sleepers who need to effectively clean their pillow
  • Generally back and side sleepers

Who Might Not Like the Purple Plush Pillow?

  • The individuals who like the strong and shaping feel of adaptable padding
  • Customers who need the exclusive Hyperelastic Polymer found in other Purple items
  • Most stomach sleepers

The Purple Plush Pillow should be believed to be accepted! Look at in the inside and out video audit we set up to see it in real life.

Purple Plush Firmness and Feel

We’ve set up that the Purple Plush feels and looks current and advanced, however how can it feel to really rest on this pillow? We’re covering those subtleties, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, underneath.

How Firm is the Purple Plush Pillow?

With both of the zippers totally zipped, the Purple Plush will be at its firmest. We gauge this to be around a 7 out of 10 on the solidness scale for normal size sleepers. To keep the cushion reliably flung and firm/delicate, consider tossing it in the dryer consistently or all other weeks to help the polyester fiber filling re-grow.

Resting On the Purple Plush Pillow (Sleeping Positions)

Resting one’s head and nodding off on the Purple Plush will feel fundamentally the same as dozing on a more customary down pad or a norm down other option. The pad will feel feathery, rich and lightweight, particularly contrasted with the other pad Purple makes. The zippers as an afterthought permit the sleeper to change the general help level and stature dependent on their essential rest position.

Purple Plush Pillow Review – side sleeper

What Does the Purple Plush Pillow Feel Like?

With a filling that is advertised as “Savvy Fluff” it will not shock anyone that the Purple Plush truly is a soft and lightweight pillow. It has the vibe of a more organized down or down other option. While the Smart Fluff itself should be interlocking polyester fiber balls, we didn’t feel any prominent protuberances or bunching in the actual fill, everything was smooth. The cover is likewise very smooth, however not in a fresh cotton way, it inclines towards even more a manufactured and cooling feel.

Normal Weight Sleepers – 130lbs – 230lbs

Those with normal body types should adore the flexibility of the Purple Plush Pillow. At its fullest – with the two sides zipped – the cushion ought to be a great counterpart for side sleepers. Katie, who by and by tried and surveyed the cushion, found unfastening one side made it ideal for back resting and it was so easy to change. Stomach sleepers may discover the pillow excessively full even at its flattest, with the two sides unfastened.

Purple Plush Pillow Review – back sleeper

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

Marten is another commentator and staff essayist for Mattress Clarity. He is 6’7″ and weighs around 230 lb and his involvement in the Purple Plush Pillow can disclose to us a great deal about how heavier body types will like (or abhorrence) dozing on this cushion.

Being a bigger individual, Marten put the cushion into its firmer setup (the two sides zipped). At the point when he was laying on his back, he felt a decent measure of help with no neck strain. His head didn’t reach as far down as possible, which is an issue he has had when back resting on numerous cushions. On my side, he likewise felt entirely agreeable.

Nonetheless, even in the gentler arrangement, the Purple Plush was still excessively firm for him on his stomach. Marten figures heavier stomach sleepers may require a milder pillow, when all is said in done. Generally, heavier back sleepers and side sleepers who like a to some degree grandiose feel ought to appreciate the Purple Plush cushion.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

More dainty or lightweight sleepers will discover this pillow more steady or firmer than others, either when completely unfastened. In view of Katie’s experience as a normal body type, she figures some lightweight back sleepers yet most lightweight side sleepers will discover this pillow to be a solid match. Dainty stomach sleepers will in all probability feel that there is an excess of space in the pillow and that it’s too firm to even consider finding that normal, unbiased spinal arrangement.

Purple Plush Pillow Construction

The Purple Plush is a straightforward pillow in plan yet its materials are genuinely mind boggling and creative.

  • Dimensions Standard size: 26″ x 18″; King size: 35″ x 16.5″
  • Weight 3.6 lbs
  • Cover Material 60% Lyocell, an engineered texture known for its breathability and 40% Nylon
  • Core “Smart Fluff,” or interlocking, denier poly-fiber puffballs
  • Space/Height Variable however about 5.5″ at its tallest


The Purple Plush Pillow can be found in two sizes, a Standard and a King size. The Standard size is 26″ x 18″ and the King size is 35 x 16.5″. The two pillow will fit very much into their individual pillowcases.


The Purple Plush Pillow weighs about 3.6 lbs complete. The pillow feels lightweight, which is a conspicuous difference to both the Original Purple Pillow and the Purple Harmony Pillow, which include a lot heavier and denser Smart Grid hyper-versatile polymer gel in their development.

Cover Material

The cover material is quickly smooth and delicate to the touch. Regarding texture, it’s a mix of 60% Lyocell, an engineered texture known for its breathability and 40% Nylon. The cover additionally has a dampness wicking treatment, which encourages it stay cool and breathable.


There is a solitary kind of filling in the Purple Plush Pillow, which the brand alludes to as “Savvy Fluff,” or interlocking, denier poly-fiber puffballs. Basically, the vibe is entirely practically identical to a smooth yet an organized down or down elective cushion. “Denier” is characterized as, “a unit of estimation that is utilized to decide the fiber thickness of individual strings or fibers utilized in the production of materials and textures,” as indicated by the Standard Fiber site. For a state of examination, the site says that a strand of human hair is 20 denier.

Purple Plush Pillow Review – customizable


There are two zippers, one on every one of the more drawn out sides of the cushion, and when they’re totally zipped, the pillow is at its firmest. At the point when they’re unfastened, a cross section gusset will disclose itself, all intended to upgrade breathability and mellow the cushion.

Subsequently, the tallness and generally speaking space of the pillow differs. Purple says that when the two sides are completely zipped and the cushion is at its tallest, it’s 5.5″ in stature.

Purple Plush Pillow Size Options, Price and Care

We should discuss what choices are accessible to clients regarding estimating, costs and times for testing for the Purple Plush. We generally prescribe giving explicit consideration to any mind guidelines with the goal that sleepers can keep their Purple Plush Pillow in great condition and keep the pillow guarantee on favorable terms.

Size Options, Pricing and Trial Periods

All Purple Plush Pillows accompany a 1-year guarantee notwithstanding a 100-night preliminary.

  • Size Options Pricing Trial Periods
  • Standard $49 100-night preliminary
  • King $64 100-night preliminary

Care Instructions for the Plush Pillow

Regarding care, the pillow is not difficult to wash. Simply adhere to the consideration guidelines and wash it on cold on a delicate cycle. To get the polyester filling very dry, put a tennis ball into a sock and toss that into the dryer with it. It’ll help separate the filaments so they dry quicker.

Purple Plush Pillow Performance

There is a whole other world to think about a cushion outside of its development and its help level. In this part, we’ll cover whether it’s a solid match for hot sleepers, what it seems like to squeeze one’sh and into the cushion, how long it’ll hold up and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Resting Hot or Cold

The Purple Plush Pillow is a superb choice for hot sleepers to consider. Lyocell, one of the essential textures utilized in the pillow cover, is known for being cool and breathable. Moreover, the Smart Fluff fill took into consideration sufficient wind current and doesn’t trap heat. The cross section boards at the edge of the cushion, which are uncovered when the pillow gets unfastened, take into consideration the advancement of air inside the pillow.


The Purple Plush Pillow isn’t overly responsive, and this is credited to its Smart Fluff center. Pushing down on the cushion, it will at first recapture its shape, yet not rapidly the way a latex or even a strong adaptive padding pillow would. Over the long run, the air inside the pillow will reduce and the pillow will level out, making it even less responsive. The cushion is destined to be responsive when it’s completely dashed (at its firmest) or recently out of the dryer.

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