How to recruit sponsors and hold a contest on Instagram?

The Instagram contest where sponsors offer free gifts for user posts

When holding a contest on Instagram, the position of sponsors can be various. There are cases where the prize money of the contest is paid in full, and cases where only a part of the prize is paid. Sponsors also strive to make the contest known to the public, which is an opportunity for organizers to acquire new followers. Also, it will be beneficial for any company to be sponsored by a major company in the industry. The Social Media Examiner says it’s not difficult to find a sponsor if you just remember the steps to host the contest.

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Matters to consider when planning a contest and choosing a sponsor

There are several considerations when planning a contest. How do participants apply for the contest? What kind of prize will you offer? What do you want your company to achieve through the contest? Which user group are you targeting? Depending on the results of these studies, the factors that the sponsor wants, and the benefits that the sponsor sees will change.

Next, we will list potential sponsors from related companies and influencers. The evaluation criteria will be that the company is not a competitor but has a complementary relationship, that it belongs to the target group, that it can bear the prize, and that it has the merit of establishing a sponsorship relationship.

Contest held according to Instagram Terms of Service

If you find a potential sponsor, the next step is to contact that candidate. Send messages on social media or send emails directly. Be clear about the outline of the contest, the value to the sponsor, your role, and so on. If you contact one company at a time, you can avoid the risk of conflicting sponsors.

After signing the sponsorship contract, the contest will be held according to the rules set by Instagram. For example, it would be against the rules to ask users to tag their friends when posting. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to tag posts related to the contest with sponsors to strengthen your relationship with them.

Hosting a contest helps you win leads and increase engagement. In addition, the presence of sponsors can dramatically increase awareness. It’s also worth getting to know industry leaders and influencers through sponsorship.

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